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Decolonising the digital learning curriculum event switches on global interest


A University of Wolverhampton online event focusing on decolonising digital learning is sparking interest across the globe. 

The informal, free, online meeting of the West Midlands Special Interest Group of the Association of Learning will be hosted by the University’s Education Observatory. 

There have been over 140 registrations from countries including America, Australia, Canada, Brazil Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. 

The online meeting will be taking place on 24 November 2021 between 1.00 pm and 2.30 pm (booking link). 

John Traxler, Professor of Digital Learning in the School of Education, said: “There is a global awareness of the extent to which our societies and our educational institutions are permeated and dominated by the ideas, habits, values and structures of the white English majority culture.  

“This awareness is now reflected in moves to ‘decolonise the curriculum’, and to decolonise research, not to mention #RhodesMustFall and #BLM. This clearly begs questions about decolonising learning technology, questions about the extent to which our digital pedagogies, our digital technologies and our work as learning technologists are complicit in ignoring or suppressing of other ways of communicating, interacting, learning, understanding and knowing, to the detriment of us all. 

“This global meeting will explore these issues and will raise some challenging questions, offer fascinating insights and provocative ideas and will link to other projects and future webinars.” 

Learning technology embraces digital learning, online learning and e-learning, delivered on platforms such as Canvas, Turnitin, MOODLE and Big Blue Button, amongst others. It embraces the values and ideas these embody and to how we choose to use them. 

Two further webinars are being planned for mid-January and mid-February 2022. 

A University of Wolverhampton online event focusing on decolonising the curriculum on Anyone looking to study at the University of Wolverhampton should register for one of our forthcoming Open Days. 


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